Canaliculitis due to Gemella haemolysans in a single isolate.

  title={Canaliculitis due to Gemella haemolysans in a single isolate.},
  author={J L Romero-Trevejo and J Somavilla-Lupi{\'a}{\~n}ez},
  journal={Archivos de la Sociedad Espanola de Oftalmologia},
  volume={93 6},
CASE REPORT An 84 year-old woman was referred for evaluation of a painless swelling with small purulent discharge in her left upper canaliculus, and an associated epiphora of one-month duration. The patient was diagnosed with acute primary canaliculitis. She was treated with topical and oral antibiotics, as well as topical corticoids for three months, with little response. Surgical treatment with left upper canaliculotomy and curettage was then performed, and Gemella haemolysans was identified… CONTINUE READING