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Canadian Raising in Victoria, B.C. An Acoustic Analysis

  title={Canadian Raising in Victoria, B.C. An Acoustic Analysis},
  author={Ingrid Rosenfelder},
  journal={Aaa-arbeiten Aus Anglistik Und Amerikanistik},
This article presents the results of a study of the phonetic realization of Canadian Raising, as produced by 39 speakers from Victoria, B.C. A total of 2489 tokens of the diphthongs /aI/ and /ao/ in nine different phonetic environments were analyzed acoustically by measuring the first and second formants (F1/F2). Contrary to the findings of Chambers & Hardwick (1986) and Hung, Davison & Chambers (1993), which predicted the "Americanization" of Canadian speech and a decline in the use of raising… Expand