Canadian Geriatrics Society 36th Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts

  title={Canadian Geriatrics Society 36th Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts},
  author={Anthony Tang and Ernest Kwan and Mike Paget and Sylvain P Coderre and Kelly Burak and Kevin McLaughlin and Laura Budd and C. L. Wong and Amanda I Gardhouse and Chris Frank and Eric Wong and Jonghak Lee and K. Chandrasekheran Nair and Christopher A. Patterson and Katrina L Piggott and George Ioannidis and Alexandra Papaioannou and Vasilia Vastis and C. Tessier-Bussieres and S. Straus and Baolin Liu. and Winston Lin and Julie Kow and P. Lee. and Zaid Al-khateeb and Judith St Onge and James Watt and A. Tricco and Catherine Talbot-Hamon and Agnes Grudniewicz and Douglas Sinclair and P. Rios. and A. Shen. and Edie E. Zusman and Martin Dawes and M. C. Ashe. and Kathryn Nicholson and Amanda L. Terry and Amardeep Thind and Marilyn Fortin and Thad Williamson and Eric Ballantyne and J. Sennet and R. Crilly. and Annie K Y Cheung and Berkeley Haas and Theobald Ringer and C. Wong. and Tak Kwong Chan and K. Leung and V. O. K. Li and Y N Petrus Ng and K H Kwok and Rachel Wong and A. Hazzan and Anshul Agarwal and Adam Mutsaers and A. Papaioannou. and Robin Joseph and Lorelei Lingard and Sayra M Cristancho and L. Diachun. and S. T. Chen and Janet Kushner-Kow and Ching-Yu Yen and Sergei Yu. and Julia Zuckerman and Matthew Ades and Louis Mullie and Amanda Trnkus and Jos{\'e} Morais and Jonathan Afilalo and J-F. Morin and Y. E. Langlois and Feicheng Ma and M. Levental. and Liting Pan and Harvey Max Chochinov and Graham Thompson and Susan Elaine McClement and Moiz Hafeez and R. M. Naqv. and E. J. Park and Lo{\"i}c Charles and Jean A. C. Triscott and P. Tian and B. Dobbs. and St{\'e}phanie Ngo and M. Kafato and Archna H Patel and David Jewell and S. Marr. and Rebecca Kyle and R. Naqvi. and Kristina Krause and S. K. Sinha and J. E. McElhaney and J-A. Clarke and Anita Burrell and Arnaud Moreau and N-S. Tremblay and J. M. Villalpando and M-A. Bruneau. and N. Caire-Fon. and Juan Manuel and Richard Camicioli and B. Dobbs and M. Tanner. and Mahmood Abbasi and Sahil Khera and Sarah E W Kennett and P. G. Jaminal Tian. and Sharon Marr and Donald J Simpson and L. M. Hillier and Stephen Vinson and Simon R. Goodwill and A. A. Hazzan. and D. Jewell. and Kar-Hai Chu and C. Seifer. and E. Losier and Andrew. mccollum and Monica Howlett and Patricia M Jarrett and Paula Nicolson and R. McCloskey. and W. Alkeridy and Kata Balogh and Aimee J Hill and S. B. Lauck and J. G. Webb and C. Hoggard. and Vivian Ewa and Lois Paton and C. Grolman and A. Lamerton and D-L. Taylor and S. McGuire. and Gary Naglie and Sarah Sanford and D. Joshua Cameron and M. J. Rapoport and J. Christopher Karuza and A. N. N. A. Berall and Z. Hyatt-Shaw and Tara Patel and Mirko Hohmann and Almae B Uy and Carrie A. Cameron and K. Banipal and S. Kalidindi. and Bruce Clarke and Olga Theou and Kenneth Rockwood and Kayla Mallery and M. M. Maclean and Jeffrey Blodgett and L. Sirisegaram and Antero Garcia and A. Luedke and Javier Fern{\'a}ndez Ruiz and D. Munoz. and Jed Shimizu and Amin Sheikh and Cheryl A Nowak and James Richardson and Scott Phillips and D. Shkredova. and Grace H. Park and M. McMillan. and Leng Noey Lee and Ferenc Moln{\'a}r and Karen Slonim and D-C. Chan. and T Liu and S-J Liao and C-C Lin and C-C Lin. and S-J Liao. and J. K. Hay Luk and F. Chan. and Olivier Beauchet and Julia Chabot and E. Levinoff and C. P. Launay and E. J Levinoff. and Jaskaran Basran and Curdin Ott and Alykhan Bandali and Stefania Calabrese and A-M. Shin and Andr{\'e} Davignon and Karen Ho and G. Dolezel and C. Lee and M. Lavigne. and Shalini Prasad and Max Ostrowski and D. Dowsett and Beverly Graham and N. Rivard and Tom Snyder and T. Boshart. and Jennifer Mah and Rosemarie S Casem and J. Reguindin. and Frank Knoefel and Louise Carreau and Anupam Dewan and Sue Bennett and R. A. Goubran and L. M. Hillier. and Charles B. Scott and Ca Young and Claudia Jacova and Lesley A. Charles and Marcel Arcand and Sidney Feldman and Robert E Lam and Pravin J Mehta and Nadia Y. Mangal and Tatjana Lozanovska and Tim Allen. and Jasvir Parmar and Suzette C. Br{\'e}mault-Phillips and M. Johnson. and Srijita Das and Zia Mohades and Tinus Strauss and Taima Campbell and Michael Borrie and John Fogarty and Vicki Whitehead and Roberto Pillon and Jan Lindsay and S. Best. and Geraldine Lee and K. Lechelt. and Philip St John and R. Tate and Rahmad Dawood and Syed Abir Hassan Naqvi and Paul T. Mick and Maksim Parfyonov and Walter Wittich and Kathleen Pichora-Fuller and Daokui Jiang and R. Tate. and Kim Madden and Xi-lin Dong and M. Simon. and William Reginold and Justine Itorralba and Osama Islam and J. Fernandez-Ruiz. and D. Daly and J. Ingram and R. Schwartz. and D Hogan and Serge Nadeau and E. Doyle. and B. A. Liu and Alexander Tsang and K. Wong. and D. Castino and Tanya Aggett and C. Brcko and Judith Y Hall and S. Romeril and Teruo Izukawa and Alyssa Try and K-T. Yeung and Frederick Wolfe and M. Lee and L. Zeng. and Chris Irwin Davis and Angela G. Juby and S. Minmaana. and Louis Leung and Michael Benzaquen and Jing Li and G. Lemay. and Jonatan Snir and M Montero Odasso and R. Bartha.},
The flipped classroom is a reversal of conventional teaching models: learners obtain first exposure to material through independent study and then in-class time is dedicated to activities for learners to apply the knowledge. Cards are a novel method of “flipping the classroom” using adaptive multiple-choice questions with patient cases containing randomized demographic data. The purpose of this project was to implement a flipped classroom model on Geriatrics topics to determine if Cards provide… CONTINUE READING