Canada Immunochemical Assay of Lactate DehydrogenaseIsoenzyme 1

  title={Canada Immunochemical Assay of Lactate DehydrogenaseIsoenzyme 1},
  author={Eileen Chape and Trevor Hyde},
(i) A 66-year-old man; cause of death was a large myocarclial infarction, confirmed at autopsy. Total LDH = 19 x ULR (upper limit of the normal reference interval); LDH1 16%, LDH2 16%, LDH3 16%, LDH4 20%, LDH5 25%, LDH6 7%. Total CK = 16 x ULR; MM 70%, MB 21%, no BB. (ii) A 68-year-old woman, motor-vehicle accident, with ruptured thoracic aorta (grafted) and lacerated liver. No gross brain injury seen at autopsy, but severe coronary artery disease with myocardial ischemia. Total LDH =8 x ULR… CONTINUE READING


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