author={Arthur Hanks},
  journal={Journal of Industrial Hemp},
  pages={87 - 93}
  • A. Hanks
  • Published 1 June 2002
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Industrial Hemp
Abstract Canada allowed the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp in 1998. This decision was seen as a political dream: “win win” for everyone. There was very little opposition to the idea of industrial hemp: the biggest obstacle was government foot-dragging on the issue. Great expectations were raised then. Now 5 years in, many of these expectations have not been met and the cautious have been vindicated. The growth of the hemp sector has been modest and hemp has proven not to be… 
Applying ANP for raw material supply in Iranian paper industry
A strategic plan for selecting the best options for the supply of raw material to feed paper producing plants shows external procurement is the best choice.
Development of the Frozen French Fry Industry in South Africa
Potato processing is becoming particularly popular in developing countries and French fries are the main product being developed. This paper describes the South African frozen French fry industry,
Extended of Current Veterinary Literature
  • 2006
supported by considerat;ions raised by speakers concerned with the actual technique in its practical application. Thus, even with the necessary density of.cow population within reasonable distance,
Nursery Techniques Influence the Growth of Hazelnuts
This thesis investigated methods to grow suitably sized plants in one year and evaluated the nursery systems from financial aspect and showed that pot type did not influence the growth of hazelnut seedlings.
Global aquaculture outlook in the next decades: an analysis of national aquaculture production forecasts to 2030
Aquaculture production is expected to play a crucial role in forthcoming decades in compensating for stagnant capture fisheries and in meeting increased demand for aquatic products. Designed to
Taxing Fracking: The Politics of State Severance Taxes in the Shale Era
States producing gas and oil have long levied severance taxes at the point of extraction, commonly placing most revenues into general funds. These taxes have assumed new meaning in many states amid
From Golden Straitjacket to Kevlar Vest: Canada's Transformation to a Security State
  • P. Lennox
  • Political Science
    Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • 2007
Abstract. This article seeks to document and explain the form and pace of Canada's transformation to a security state. The manifestations of this transformation are seen in the major constitutional,
Emerging legal concerns in the Arctic: sovereignty, navigation and land claim disputes
ABSTRACT With global warming, the clearance of the Northwest Passage and the rising demands for new energy resources, the sovereignty of Canadian and other national land claims in the Arctic north is
Oil from Ice: Examining the Impact of Energy Development on Canadian Arctic Sovereignty
The Canadian Arctic is facing new international challenges as global warming melts Arctic ice, opening up new shipping routes and access to untapped, potentially rich resources. As it has in the