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Canacidae and Australimyzidae (Diptera) collected by Danish Scientific Expeditions and by N. L. H. Krauss, with descriptions of four new species

  title={Canacidae and Australimyzidae (Diptera) collected by Danish Scientific Expeditions and by N. L. H. Krauss, with descriptions of four new species},
  author={Lorenzo Munari},
Four new species of the beach fly family Canacidae are described, and some new records of both canacid and australimyzid flies from the field collections carried out by Danish Scientific Expeditions and by the entomologist N.L.H. Krauss are given. Nocticanace kraussi sp. nov., Masoniella darwini sp. nov., Pelomyia fuegina sp. nov. and Dasyrhicnoessa celata sp. nov. are described from the Cook Islands (Polynesia), southern Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, and the Bismarck Islands, respectively. Two… 

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