Can we interpret serum thyroglobulin results?

  title={Can we interpret serum thyroglobulin results?},
  author={Penny M S Clark and Jayne A. Franklyn},
  journal={Annals of clinical biochemistry},
  volume={49 Pt 4},
Thyroglobulin (Tg) is a tumour marker for differentiated thyroid cancer. Interpretation requires a knowledge of the current thyrotropin (TSH) concentration as secretion is TSH-dependent. While a raised serum Tg may be indicative of residual or recurrent thyroid cancer, trauma to the thyroid (e.g. surgical, biopsy or due to radioiodine treatment) also causes an increase. Tg may be measured when TSH is suppressed and also following recombinant TSH (rhTSH) stimulation. Interpretation of results in… CONTINUE READING


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