Can traffic management strategies improve urban air quality? A review of the evidence

  title={Can traffic management strategies improve urban air quality? A review of the evidence},
  author={Alexander York Bigazzi and Mathieu Rouleau},
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Air Quality Strategies and Technologies: A Rapid Review of the International Evidence
Poor air quality is a pressing policy issue that spans public health and environmental portfolios, and governments worldwide are investing in a wide array of measures to address it. This paper is a
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Freight movement is a significant and growing contributor to transportation emissions globally. Modal shifts in freight, that is, moving freight from a higher emission mode to one associated with


Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 (IRRD 874803) requires local authorities to undertake periodic reviews of air quality. The National Air Quality Strategy details the standards and objectives that
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The introduction of the congestion tax has affected road traffic emissions of air pollutants in the Stockholm region. This report documents how emissions and concentrations of air pollutants have
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The traffic policy in Rome was effective in reducing traffic-related air pollution, but most of the health gains were found in well-off residents.
Impact of low emission zones and local traffic policies on ambient air pollution concentrations.
Reducing greenhouse emissions by improving traffic signal operations
The reduction of transport related greenhouse gas emissions is a multi-faceted challenge for road management authorities. Many road management authorities operate area traffic signal management