Can the universe afford inflation

  title={Can the universe afford inflation},
  author={Andreas Albrecht and Lorenzo del Sorbo},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Cosmic inflation is envisioned as the 'most likely' start for the observed universe. To give substance to this claim, a framework is needed in which inflation can compete with other scenarios and the relative likelihood of all scenarios can be quantified. The most concrete scheme to date for performing such a comparison shows inflation to be strongly disfavored. We analyze the source of this failure for inflation and present an alternative calculation, based on more traditional semiclassical… 

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We are assuming here that the Schwarzschild radius outside this perturbation is given by lP √ SBB. This may not be exactly right

    Susskind for private communications and for copies of Guth’s slides for the “3rd Northeast String Cosmology Workshop

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    However, since Λ ≪ ΛI we expect correction due to Λ = 0 to be inconsequential for the tunneling calculation

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      • Banks and W. Fischler,

      This work builds on the discussion presented in a talk by one of us (AA) at the "KITP superstring cosmology workshop

        Technically FMP discuss tunneling out of solutions in Minkowski space whereas we consider tunneling from a background cosmology with a cosmological constant Λ

          Unruh in Critical Dialogs in

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