Can the IoT Help Small Businesses?

  title={Can the IoT Help Small Businesses?},
  author={Nory B. Jones and Christian Graham},
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The IoT (Internet of Things) can transform businesses by automating processes ranging from inventory management to robotics to automation, saving time, and money. However, can small businesses benefit from the IoT? This article explores the emerging role of the IoT in small businesses, the impact on their ability to compete in a rapidly changing digital environment, and their awareness, attitudes, perceptions, and willingness to adopt it. The research utilizes an initial exploratory approach… Expand
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Manfaat Aplikasi Teknologi IoT di Masa Pandemi Covid-19 : Studi Eksploratif
Revolusi IoT membentuk kembali sistem modern dengan menggabungkan prospek teknologi, ekonomi, dan sosial. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menyelidiki keberlanjutan, toleransi, dan keandalan teknologiExpand


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