Can specific biological signals be digitized?

  title={Can specific biological signals be digitized?},
  author={Wayne B Jonas and John A. Ives and Florence M. Rollwagen and Daniel W. Denman and Kenneth J. Hintz and Mitchell R. Hammer and Cindy Crawford and Kurt Henry},
  journal={The FASEB Journal},
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At the request of the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, we attempted to replicate the data of Professor Jacques Benveniste that digital signals recorded on a computer disc produce specific biological effects. The hypothesis was that a digitized thrombin inhibitor signal would inhibit the fibrinogen‐thrombin coagulation pathway. Because of the controversies associated with previous research of Prof. Benveniste, we developed a system for the management of social controversy… 

From high dilutions to digital biology: the physical nature of the biological signal.

  • Yoléne Thomas
  • Biology
    Homeopathy : the journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy
  • 2015


Benveniste’s experiments have been the subject of an international scientific controversy (known as the case of the “memory of water”). We recently proposed to describe these results in a modeling in

The history of the Memory of Water.

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  • Biology
    Homeopathy : the journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy
  • 2007


The case of the “memory of water” was an outstanding scientific controversy of the end of the twentieth century which has not been satisfactorily resolved. Although an experimenter effect has been

“Memory of Water” Without Water: The Logic of Disputed Experiments

It is proposed that the cognitive states of the experimenter exhibited quantum-like properties during Benveniste’s experiments, and this model does not need the hypothesis of the “memory of water”.

Memory of water and blinding.

  • Francis Beauvais
  • Chemistry
    Homeopathy : the journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy
  • 2008

The continuing mystery of the Memory of Water.

  • B. Poitevin
  • Psychology
    Homeopathy : the journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy
  • 2008

Description of Benveniste’s Experiments Using Quantum-Like Probabilities

—Benveniste’s experiments (also known as “memory of water” or “digital biology” experiments) remain unresolved. In some research areas, which have in common the description of cognition mechanisms



Self-organized biological dynamics and nonlinear control : toward understanding complexity, chaos and emergent function in living systems

Changing paradigms in biomedicine: implications for future research and clinical applications Jan Walleczek Index.

Activation of human neutrophils by electronically transmitted phorbol-myristate acetate.

It is suggested that PMA molecules emit signals that can be transferred to neutrophils by artificial physical means in a manner that seems specific to the source molecules.

Managing Social Conflict in Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research: The Case of Antineoplastons

A detailed analysis of the conflicts that led to the study’s closure of antineoplastons was commissioned to understand the social dynamics surrounding this failed study and to develop a method for managing and possibly preventing such failures in the future.

Pragmatics of Human Communication: A Study of Interactional Patterns, Pathologies and Paradoxes

Called "one of the best books ever about human communication," and a perennial bestseller, Pragmatics of Human Communication has formed the foundation of much contemporary research into interpersonal

Small Group Consensus

Previous small group research makes no attempt to develop a comprehensive and valid instrument measuring small group consensus. The purpose of this investigation is to develop and test an

Mechanical agitation of very dilute antiserum against IgE has no effect on basophil staining properties

The effect of extreme dilutions of anti-IgE, reported by Davenas et al.2, needs further clarification and that in this process the reproducibility of results between experimenters should be carefully determined.

Flow-cytometric analysis of basophil activation: inhibition by histamine at conventional and homeopathic concentrations

The aim of this study was to confirm that a 2-colour (anti-IgE FITC and anti-CD63 R-PE) flow cytometric method can quantify basophil activation and to investigate the effects of histamine on basophils activation.

Human basophil degranulation is not triggered by very dilute antiserum against human IgE

The findings of Benveniste and co-workers, who reported in 1988 that degranulation of human basophil leukocytes is triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE, are reproduced.

Memory of Water

Fig. 4. Nodoka Ui, Wave Rings, metal, water, speakers, infrared sensor, 1998. (?Nodoka Ui. Photo ?Emi Noro. Programming: Kohji Setoh.) (left) In a pool, 150 cm in diameter, eight speakers, each 20 cm

Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE

When human polymorphonuclear basophils are exposed to anti-IgE antibodies, they release histamine from their intracellular granules and change their staining properties, and transmission of the biological information could be related to the molecular organization of water.