Can sonography predict the outcome in patients with achillodynia?

  title={Can sonography predict the outcome in patients with achillodynia?},
  author={Joanne M. Archambault and J. Preston Wiley and Robert C. Bray and Marja Verhoef and David A Wiseman and Patrick D. Elliott},
  journal={Journal of clinical ultrasound : JCU},
  volume={26 7},
PURPOSE We evaluated whether the grade assigned to the Achilles tendon's appearance on sonograms can be used to predict the outcome of achillodynia. METHODS A retrospective evaluation was done of a case series of patients with Achilles tendon pain seen at a sports medicine clinic. The study consisted of chart reviews, telephone follow-up interviews, and grading of ultrasound images of the tendon obtained during the initial visit. The grading scheme was as follows: grade 1, normal tendon… CONTINUE READING
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