Can progression of valvar aortic stenosis be predicted accurately?

  title={Can progression of valvar aortic stenosis be predicted accurately?},
  author={Cornelia Piper and Rito Bergemann and Hagen Dietrich Schulte and Reiner Koerfer and Dieter Horstkotte},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={76 3},
  pages={676-80; discussion 680}
BACKGROUND It was the aim of the present study to elaborate criteria for the assessment of rapid hemodynamic progression of valvar aortic stenosis. These criteria are of special importance when cardiac surgery is indicated for other reasons but the established criteria for aortic valve replacement are not yet fulfilled. Such aspects of therapeutic planing were mostly disregarded in the past so that patients had to undergo cardiac reoperation within a few years. METHODS Hemodynamic… CONTINUE READING