Can machines be conscious?

  title={Can machines be conscious?},
  author={Cristoph Koch and Guilio Tononi},
  journal={IEEE Spectrum},
Would you sell your soul on eBay? Right now, of course, you can't. But in some quarters it is taken for granted that within a generation, human beings-including you, if you can hang on for another 30 years or so-will have an alternative to death: being a ghost in a machine. You'll be able to upload your mind-your thoughts, memories, and personality-to a computer. And once you've reduced your consciousness to patterns of electrons, others will be able to copy it, edit it, sell it, or pirate it… 

Consciousness and attention

Machine Consciousness: A Modern Approach

The purpose of the tutorial is to offer an overview of the theoretical and empirical issues in artificial consciousness. Is it possible to devise, project and build a conscious machine? What are the

Mathematical Theory of Consciousness

It is proposed that consciousness is the result of a global workspace in the brain, which distributes information to the huge number of paralell unconscious processors forming a rest of the brain.


In this paper, the notion of super-intelligence (or "AI++", as Chalmers has termed it) is considered in the context of machine consciousness (MC) research. Suppose AI++ were to come about, would real

Artificial Consciousness

Artificial consciousness, sometimes labeled as machine consciousness, is the attempt to model and implement those aspects of human cognition which are identified with the often elusive and

The Requirements and Possibilities of Creating Conscious Systems

It is concluded that a conscious machine may be within the realm of engineering possibilities if current technological developments, especially Moore’s Law, continue at their current pace.


This work argues in favor of weak artificial consciousness, proposing that synthetic models of neural mechanisms potentially underlying consciousness can shed new light on how these mechanisms give rise to the phenomena they do.

Review of Consciousness and the Possibility of Conscious Robots

The psychological, philosophical, and neurological definitions of consciousness are introduced and the prospects for the development of conscious machines or robots in the foreseeable future are discussed.

79 The Neurobiology of Consciousness christof koch koch

  • Biology, Psychology
Brain scientists are focusing on experimental approaches that shed light on the neural basis of consciousness, in particular the thalamo-cortical system and its satellites, which is a state-dependent property of certain complex, biological, adaptive, and highly interconnected systems.

Can artificially intelligent agents really be conscious?

Mind and intelligence are closely related with the consciousness. Indeed, artificial intelligence (AI) is the most promising avenue towards artificial consciousness (AC). However, in literature,