Can laccases catalyze bond cleavage in lignin?

  title={Can laccases catalyze bond cleavage in lignin?},
  author={Line Munk and Anna K Sitarz and Dayanand C. Kalyani and J\orn Dalgaard Mikkelsen and Anne S. Meyer},
  journal={Biotechnology advances},
  volume={33 1},
Modification of lignin is recognized as an important aspect of the successful refining of lignocellulosic biomass, and enzyme-assisted processing and upcycling of lignin is receiving significant attention in the literature. Laccases (EC are taking the centerstage of this attention, since these enzymes may help degrading lignin, using oxygen as the oxidant. Laccases can catalyze polymerization of lignin, but the question is whether and how laccases can directly catalyze modification of… CONTINUE READING


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