Can graphene be used as a substrate for Raman enhancement?

  title={Can graphene be used as a substrate for Raman enhancement?},
  author={Xi Ling and Liming Xie and Yuan Yi Fang and Hua Xu and Haoli Zhang and Jing Kong and Mildred S. Dresselhaus and Jin Zhang and Zhongfan Liu},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={10 2},
Graphene is a monolayer of carbon atoms packed into a two-dimensional (2D) honeycomb crystal structure, which is a special material with many excellent properties. In the present study, we will discuss the possibility that graphene can be used as a substrate for enhancing Raman signals of adsorbed molecules. Here, phthalocyanine (Pc), rhodamine 6G (R6G), protoporphyin IX (PPP), and crystal violet (CV), which are popular molecules widely used as a Raman probe, are deposited equally on graphene… CONTINUE READING
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