Can biofeedback therapy improve anorectal function in fecal incontinence?

  title={Can biofeedback therapy improve anorectal function in fecal incontinence?},
  author={Satish S C Rao and Kimberly D. Welcher and J Happel},
  journal={The American journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={91 11},
BACKGROUND Although biofeedback treatment ameliorates symptoms in patients with fecal incontinence, whether it improves anorectal function is unclear. AIM To examine prospectively whether biofeedback therapy influences objective and subjective parameters of anorectal function and whether it improves outcome. METHODS Nineteen consecutive patients (females = 17) with fecal incontinence for over 1 year, underwent a three-phase outpatient treatment program. This program consisted of pelvic… CONTINUE READING
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