Can You See Me Now? A Citywide Mixed-Reality Gaming Experience


Can You See Me Now? was a mobile mixed reality game that took place on-line and on the streets of a city. On-line players moved across a map of the city that they accessed over the Internet. Runners equipped with wireless handheld computers with GPS receivers chased them by running through the city streets. Players communicated with one another using text messages and also received walkie-talkie communication from the runners as an audio stream. Can You See Me Now? was staged publicly. Evaluation based on ethnography, discussion with participants and analysis of system logs, revealed a number of design issues for future citywide mixed reality games. Gameplay issues focus on the tactics of the runners and players, the need to enhance local knowledge for the players, the role of audio, and designing entry into and exit from the game. Orchestration focus on improving monitoring interfaces in the game control room and better supporting participants on the streets.

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