Can We Turn a Blind Eye to Eliminativism?

  title={Can We Turn a Blind Eye to Eliminativism?},
  author={Francisco Calvo Garz{\'o}n},
  journal={International Journal of Philosophical Studies},
  pages={485 - 498}
  • Francisco Calvo Garzón
  • Published 2001
  • Philosophy
  • International Journal of Philosophical Studies
  • In this paper I shall reply to two arguments that Stephen Stich (1990; 1991; 1996) has recently put forward against the thesis of eliminative materialism. In a nutshell, Stich argues that (i) the thesis of eliminative materialism, according to which propositional attitudes don't exist, is neither true nor false, and that (ii) even if it were true, that would be philosophically uninteresting. To support (i) and (ii) Stich relies on two premises: (a) that the job of a theory of reference is to… CONTINUE READING
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