Can Multi-Agents Wake Us from IC Design Productivity Nightmare?

  title={Can Multi-Agents Wake Us from IC Design Productivity Nightmare?},
  author={Peter van Staa and Christian Sebeke},
Integrated Circuits (ICs) development fuels the whole semiconductor industry with ever complex designs. They are created in the microcosms of design teams, embedded in a demanding environment made up of customers, research, manufacturing, marketing and accounting. Best productivity wins in the market place, and therefore it is key to optimise the work that is left when the small deterministic part of it has been done. In this talk we will outline boundary conditions and external influences as… 

Engineering Design Performance

Extended Abstract A reader may be slightly puzzled by the title. Indeed, it might say either what performance in engineering design is, or how to engineer design performance. We mean both. Research

Optimization of Design Flows for Multi-Core x86 Microprocessors in 45 and 32nm Technologies under Productivity Considerations

The presentations describes how an infrastructure to measure productivity relevant parameter for a microprocessor design flow for 45 and 32nm technologies can be build up and the ability to capture a verification process with an executable model which allows static and dynamic analyses.

Engineering Design Performance (Extended Abstract)

Research going to report about aims at developing a rigorous engineering methodology for reaching optimal performance in the processes of engineering design, based on a fine-grained model of performance and its environment.

Quantitative Productivity Measurement in IC Design

Five topics out of this research field allow an insight in the preparation of real design flows for productivity measurement and how these measurements are used for analysis, simulation and optimization of design flows.

Modeling Actions in Dynamic Engineering Design Processes

The paper presents the approach for modeling actions in the dynamic processes of engineering design in microelectronics and integrated circuits domain. It elaborates the formal framework for