Can I play? A concept analysis of participation in children with disabilities.


Participation is essential to children's development. Children with disabilities are at risk for restricted participation. Despite wide use of the word participation, the definition remains vague. The eight steps of analysis by Walker and Avant (2005) were used to guide the concept analysis. The uses and defining attributes of participation were identified and cases formulated within the context of children with disabilities and health care professions. In order to participate, a child with disabilities must take part in something or with someone, they must have a sense of inclusion, control over what they are taking part in, and be working toward obtaining a goal or enhanced quality of life. Through participation children acquire new skills, have increased physical, emotional and social well-being and enhanced quality of life. It is hoped that health care professionals can use this definition to address the shortcomings of existing programs and develop measures to assess the attributes of participation.

DOI: 10.3109/01942638.2010.481661

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