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Can Evolutionary Computation Help us to Crib the Voynich Manuscript ?

  title={Can Evolutionary Computation Help us to Crib the Voynich Manuscript ?},
  author={Daniel Devatman Hromada},
  • D. Hromada
  • Published 7 July 2021
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
Voynich Manuscript is a corpus of unknown origin written down in unique graphemic system and potentially representing phonic values of unknown or potentially even extinct language. Departing from the postulate that the manuscript is not a hoax but rather encodes authentic contents, our article presents an evolutionary algorithm which aims to find the most optimal mapping between voynichian glyphs and candidate phonemic values. Core component of the decoding algorithm is a process of… 

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The aim of the paper is to attempt to lay the groundwork for an eventual full decoding and complete decipherment of this fascinating document, by proposed partial decoding of the Voynich script.


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How sixteenth century cryptographic techniques can be adapted to generate text similar to that in the Voynich manuscript is described, which concludes that the hoax hypothesis is now a plausible explanation for the VoyNich manuscript.

The Voynich Manuscript: Evidence of the Hoax Hypothesis

The results significantly tighten the boundaries for possible interpretations; they suggest that the Voynich manuscript has been generated by a stochastic process rather than by encoding or encryption of language.

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A framework for determining whether a text is compatible with a natural language and to which language it could belong is proposed, based on three types of statistical measurements obtained from first-order statistics of word properties in a text.

IV.—Index To “Evidence for Greek Dialect in The Mycenaean Archives”

With the fuller publication of the material found by Blegen at Ano Englianos in 1939 ( The Pylos Tablets , Dr. Emmett L. Bennett, Jr., Princeton, 1951) and by Evans at Knossos in 1899–1904 ( Scripta

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Abstract : In spite of all the papers that others have written about the manuscript, there is no complete survey of all the approaches, ideas, background information and analytic studies that have

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It is demonstrated that in the absence of useful information from syntax, 2-year-old Japanese children are able to fast map a noun to its meaning by elegantly coordinating word-learning biases and other available sources of information.

Convergence analysis of canonical genetic algorithms

  • G. Rudolph
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Trans. Neural Networks
  • 1994
This paper analyzes the convergence properties of the canonical genetic algorithm with mutation, crossover and proportional reproduction applied to static optimization problems and shows variants of CGA's that always maintain the best solution in the population are shown to converge to the global optimum due to the irreducibility property of the underlying original nonconvergent CGA.

Über Sinn und Bedeutung

Die Gleichheit fordert das Nachdenken heraus durch Fragen, die sich daran knupfen und nicht ganz leicht zu beantworten sind. Ist sie eine Beziehung? eine Beziehung zwischen Gegenstanden? oder