Can Agile Project Management be Adopted by Industries Other than Software Development?

  title={Can Agile Project Management be Adopted by Industries Other than Software Development?},
  author={Edivandro C. Conforto and Fabian Ariel Salum and Daniel Capaldo Amaral and S{\'e}rgio Luis da Silva and Luis Fernando de Almeida},
  journal={Project Management Journal},
  pages={21 - 34}
This research paper presents evidence from an exploratory survey on the use of agile project management (APM) practices and the presence of APM enablers in 19 medium-and large-sized companies from different industry sectors considering innovative projects. The results show that these companies are possibly struggling to use their current management practices in the face of different project challenges. Additionally, the presence of some APM enablers indicates opportunities to adapt the APM… Expand

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