Campylobacter immunity and quantitative excretion rates in Thai children.

  title={Campylobacter immunity and quantitative excretion rates in Thai children.},
  author={David J. Taylor and D M Perlman and Peter D. Echeverria and U Lexomboon and Martin J. Blaser},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={168 3},
Campylobacter species were isolated from 61 (15%) of 416 Thai children < 5 years old with diarrhea. Although the baseline levels of Campylobacter-specific antibody increased with age, 80.3% of Campylobacter-infected children seroconverted compared with 12.9% of 45 Shigella-infected patients used as controls. The response to acute infection was greatest in the 6- to 12-month-old group. Nonseroconverters had higher initial IgG levels than did seroconverters (P = .001). Quantitative cultures… CONTINUE READING

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