Campus School to be used SMC to relocate service ' 75 - ' 76

  • P . M . TILL, P . M .
  • Published 2013


President Gerald R. Ford has been in­ vited to appear at Notre Dame on Monday, March 17 by F r. Theodore M. Hesburgh, U n ive rs ity P resident. W hite House sources said yesterday that an acceptance or refusal would be announced by tomorrow morning. A personal letter of invitation from Hesburgh was delivered to Ford while the Notre Dame president was in Washington, D C. last week, according to a White House spokesman. Both the White House and Hesburgh have refused comment on the purpose of the v is it until Ford’s personal confirmation is released. Rumors about Hesburgh possibly leaving the University to accept a possible Ford appoin tm ent were, however, squelched yesterday by Richard Condlin, director of Information Services. “ I f the President does accept the in­ vitation to visit Notre Dame, this would not indicate any change in office by F r. Hesburgh or any other officer of the University,” Conklin said. Conklin confirmed that an advance team from the White House was on campus last week checking the physical facilities. A tentative schedule was also discussed with a group of ten administrators. He declined to identify the administrators involved in the planning until definite plans are an­ nounced. According to the tentative schedule of events discussed, Conklin said, Ford would be on campus for one day only. He would not speculate on the schedule of events’ or possible locations of events any further than saying the University would be in ­ volved in some of them. “ At this point, everyone is under the same information embargo that I am ,” Conklin said.

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