Campana points, Vojta's conjecture, and level structures on semistable abelian varieties

  title={Campana points, Vojta's conjecture, and level structures on semistable abelian varieties},
  author={Dan Abramovich and Anthony V{\'a}rilly-Alvarado},
  journal={arXiv: Number Theory},
We introduce a qualitative conjecture, in the spirit of Campana, to the effect that certain subsets of rational points on a variety over a number field, or a Deligne-Mumford stack over a ring of S-integers, cannot be Zariski dense. The conjecture interpolates, in a way that we make precise, between Lang's conjecture for rational points on varieties of general type over number fields, and the conjecture of Lang and Vojta that asserts that S-integral points on a variety of logarithmic general… Expand
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Diophantine geometry, volume 201 of Graduate Texts in Mathematics
  • 2000
Diophantine geometry, volume 201 of Graduate Texts in Mathematics
  • 2000