[Camey II type substitution ileocystoplasty. Our experience].


We present our experience in the performance of Camey II type substitution ileocystoplasty. The operation was performed between January 1988 and February 1989 on 11 patients who had been diagnosed as having vesical tumour by means of transurethral resection. All of them had received preoperative systemic chemotherapy. Technically, we single out the performance of ileo-obturating lymphadenectomy prior to the cystoprostatovesiculectomy in the same operation, creation of the neobladder with detubulized terminal ileum, uretero-ileal reimplantation according to Le Duc-Camey technique and use of mechanical sutures to reestablish intestinal continuity. Operative and postoperative mortality has been null. As complications, we may mention a urthro-ileal fistula as a result of the suture tension at this level, due to shortness of the mesointestine, and which yielded with conservative measures. Amongst tardive complications we may single out a urethro-ileal stenosis, which required performance of an internal urethrotomy. Daytime continence in all patients, except one. Night continence in six cases. Absence of ureteral reflux and upper urinary tract with correct function and morphology in all cases. The follow-up time ranges from 3 to 16 months. We conclude that this type of vesical substitution offers all patients a good quality of living and adequate mictional comfort.

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