author={Verzekeren Naar Sparen and K. P. Goudswaard and H. Nijboer},
. Let K > a> and V8: < K(K -> (/c)J). It is known that there then exists a non-trivial /c-additive 2-valued measure, v K , on the set [K] K of subsets of K of cardinality K. Definition. IF: THEOREM. For any function SF: [K] K -> [/c] K , <Ae set {x | ^ on x) is of v K -measure one. structure theorems for functions 

Algorithms for Function Fields

An algorithm which computes subfields of the normal closure of K/Q(t) is described, which decides if an extension L/L is a subfield of K and a Q(t)-isomorphism test is obtained.

Relatively geometric actions of complex hyperbolic lattices]{Relatively geometric actions of complex hyperbolic lattices on CAT(0) cube complexes

. We prove that for n ≥ 2, a non-uniform lattice in PU ( n, 1 ) does not admit a relatively geometric action on a CAT(0) cube complex, in the sense of [EG20]. As a consequence, we prove that if Γ is

Notes on Foregger's conjecture

This thesis is devoted to investigation of some properties of the permanent function over the set Ωn of n×n doubly stochastic matrices. It contains some basic properties as well as some partial

Upper Bounds on Resolvent Degree and Its Growth Rate

For each n, let RD(n) denote the minimum d for which there exists a formula for the general polynomial of degree n in algebraic functions of at most d variables. In 1945, Segre called for a better

Unrectifiable normal currents in Euclidean spaces

We construct in $\mathbb{R}^{k+2}$ a $k$-dimensional simple normal current whose support is purely $2$-unrectifiable. The result is sharp because the support of a normal current cannot be purely

Knots with Heegaard genus 2 complements are invertible

Let K be a polyhedral oriented knot in S3 and N(K) be a regular neighborhood of K. If S3 ,N(K) can be constructed by attaching a single 2-handle to a genus two handlebody, then there is a

Algorithmic Probability and Combinatorics

Let S ⊂ {−1, 0, 1}2 \ {(0, 0)}. We address the enumeration of plane lattice walks with steps in S, that start from (0, 0) and remain in the first quadrant {(i, j) : i 0, j 0}. A priori, there are 28

Generalized Positive Energy Representations of Groups of Jets

Let V be a finite-dimensional real vector space and K a compact simple Lie group with Lie algebra k . Consider the Fr´echet-Lie group G := J ∞ 0 ( V ; K ) of ∞ -jets at 0 ∈ V of smooth maps V → K ,

The additivity of the $\rho$-invariant and periodicity in topological surgery

For a closed topological manifold M with dim (M) >= 5 the topological structure set S(M) admits an abelian group structure which may be identified with the algebraic structure group of M as defined



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