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Cambios nutricionales en dos fenofases de arbustos forrajeros

  title={Cambios nutricionales en dos fenofases de arbustos forrajeros},
  author={E C Hugo Hern{\'a}ndez and G H{\'e}ctor Gonz{\'a}lez and Omar Rafael Ram{\'i}rez and M O Juan Ram{\'i}rez and P Ram{\'o}n Cepeda and Susana Torres},
Nutritional changes in the browsing shrub during their phenophases exert direct impact on the productivity of ruminants that consume them. This is a reason why it is necessary to monitor these shrubs and to carry out practical approaches for their rational and sustainable utilization. With this in mind, there were sampled nine fodder shrub species in their blooming and fructification stages to determine acid (ADF) and neutral (NDF) detergent fiber contents, and the digestibility (D… 


Producción de forraje y calidad nutritiva en mezclas de triticale (x triticosecale wittmack ) y ballico anual (lolium multiflorum l.) en Navidad, N.L.
The use of mixtures of facultative or intermediate triticale with annual ryegrass at low and medium seeding rates can maximize forage production and quality under irrigation conditions in the north and central parts of Mexico during winter.