Calretinin-immunoreactive neurons and their projections in the guinea-pig colon

  title={Calretinin-immunoreactive neurons and their projections in the guinea-pig colon},
  author={K. McConalogue and AiChen Low and Sharon C Williamson and Joel C Bornstein and John B. Furness},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
The distribution of nerve cells and fibres with immunoreactivity for the calcium-binding protein, calretinin, was studied in the distal colon of the guinea-pig. The projections of the neurons were determined by examining the consequences of lesioning the myenteric plexus. Calretinin-immunoreactive neurons comprised 17% of myenteric nerve cells and 6% of submucous nerve cells. Numerous calretinin-immunoreactive nerve fibres were located in the longitudinal and circular muscle, and within the… CONTINUE READING