Calreticulin is essential for integrin-mediated calcium signalling and cell adhesion

  title={Calreticulin is essential for integrin-mediated calcium signalling and cell adhesion},
  author={Marc G. Coppolino and Michael J. Woodside and Nicolas Demaurex and Sergio Grinstein and Ren{\'e} St-Arnaud and Shoukat Dedhar},
Integrins are important mediators of cell adhesion to extracellular ligands and can transduce biochemical signals both into and out of cells1,2. The cytoplasmic domains of integrins interact with several structural and signalling proteins and consequently participate in the regulation of cell shape, motility, growth and differentiation3. It has been shown that calreticulin associates with the cytoplasmic domains of integrin α-subunits and that this interaction can influence integrin-mediated… CONTINUE READING
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