Calorimetric study of the entropy relation in the NaCl–KCl system

  title={Calorimetric study of the entropy relation in the NaCl–KCl system},
  author={Artur Benisek and Edgar Dachs},
  booktitle={The Journal of chemical thermodynamics},
The heat capacity of one Na-rich and two K-rich samples of the NaCl-KCl (halite-sylvite) crystalline solution was investigated between 5 and 300 K. It deviated positively from ideal behaviour with a maximum at 40 K. The thereby produced excess entropy at 298.15 K was described by a symmetric Margules mixing model yielding [Formula: see text] = 8.73 J/mol/K. Using enthalpy of mixing data from the literature and our data on the entropy, the solvus was calculated for a pressure of 105 Pa and… CONTINUE READING

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