Calorimetric evidence for phase transitions in spin-label lipid bilayers.

  title={Calorimetric evidence for phase transitions in spin-label lipid bilayers.},
  author={Songming Chen and Julian Munson Sturtevant and Kenneth A. Conklin and Betty Jean Gaffney},
  volume={21 20},
Dispersions of pure, spin-label phosphatidylcholines in aqueous buffer have been investigated with the Privalov high-sensitivity differential scanning calorimeter. The lipids studied are mixed-chain ones in which C-2 of glycerol bears a spin-label derivative of stearic acid and the fatty acid group at C-1 is palmitate. A well-defined phase transition is observed at 30.3-30.7 degrees C for the phosphatidylcholine labeled near the polar end of the stearate chain (label at C-5). A sharp transition… CONTINUE READING

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