Calorie restriction for treatment of gestational diabetes.

  title={Calorie restriction for treatment of gestational diabetes.},
  author={Anne Dornhorst and J. L. Nicholls and Franz Probst and Carla Maree Paterson and K L Hollier and Robert S. Elkeles and Richard William Beard},
  volume={40 Suppl 2},
Birth weights of infants of 35 gestational diabetic mothers treated with calorie restriction alone (1200-1800 kcal) were compared with those of infants of 2337 nondiabetic women, including two control groups (A and B) matched for race, body mass index, age, and parity. All women were screened for gestational diabetes with the O'Sullivan screening method, and a 3-h oral glucose tolerance test was performed on all abnormal results. Control group A mothers had a normal screen, and control group B… CONTINUE READING