Calommata (Atypidae) and new spider species (Araneae) from Israel

  title={Calommata (Atypidae) and new spider species (Araneae) from Israel},
  author={G. Levy},
  • G. Levy
  • Published 2007
  • Biology
  • Zootaxa
The extraordinary finding in Israel of Calommata, a unique mygalomorph atypid, is reviewed. Another new find out of range concerns the cybaeid genus Paracedicus, represented in Israel by two new species: P. baram and P. geshur. Pitfall trapping yielded several new species disclosing among others populations inhabiting the sands of the southern Arava Valley of Oxyopes elifaz n. sp. or Cerbalus aravaensis n. sp. that resemble very closely psammophilous species living in the Haluza sands of the… Expand