Calmodulin-dependent gating of Cav1.2 calcium channels in the absence of Cavβ subunits

  title={Calmodulin-dependent gating of Cav1.2 calcium channels in the absence of Cav$\beta$ subunits},
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It is generally accepted that to generate calcium currents in response to depolarization, Cav1.2 calcium channels require association of the pore-forming α1C subunit with accessory Cavβ and α2δ subunits. A single calmodulin (CaM) molecule is tethered to the C-terminal α1C-LA/IQ region and mediates Ca2+-dependent inactivation of the channel. Cavβ subunits are stably associated with the α1C-interaction domain site of the cytoplasmic linker between internal repeats I and II and also interact… Expand
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