Calmodulin-binding sites on adenylyl cyclase type VIII.

  title={Calmodulin-binding sites on adenylyl cyclase type VIII.},
  author={Chen Gu and Dermot M. F. Cooper},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={274 12},
Ca2+ stimulation of adenylyl cyclase type VIII (ACVIII) occurs through loosely bound calmodulin. However, where calmodulin binds in ACVIII and how the binding activates this cyclase have not yet been investigated. We have located two putative calmodulin-binding sites in ACVIII. One site is located at the N terminus as revealed by overlay assays; the other is located at the C terminus, as indicated by mutagenesis studies. Both of these calmodulin-binding sites were confirmed by synthetic peptide… CONTINUE READING


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