Callosal lesion predicts future attacks after clinically isolated syndrome.

  title={Callosal lesion predicts future attacks after clinically isolated syndrome.},
  author={Naghmeh Jafari and Karim L. Kreft and H. Zwenneke Flach and Anne-Sophie Janssens and Rogier Q. Hintzen},
  volume={73 22},
BACKGROUND Current MRI criteria can help predict a second attack after a clinically isolated syndrome (CIS). Given the known association between corpus callosum lesions (CC) and multiple sclerosis (MS), such lesions on MRI could provide additional predictive information. This study assessed whether the presence of CC lesion on MRI could, next to the modified Barkhof criteria, further enhance prediction of conversion from CIS to MS. METHODS Follow-up study of 158 patients with CIS who… CONTINUE READING

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