Callipeltoside a: total synthesis, assignment of the absolute and relative configuration, and evaluation of synthetic analogues.

  title={Callipeltoside a: total synthesis, assignment of the absolute and relative configuration, and evaluation of synthetic analogues.},
  author={Barry M. Trost and Janet L. Gunzner and Olivier Dirat and Young Ho Rhee},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={124 35},
The total synthesis of the novel antitumor agent callipeltoside A, as well as several analogues, is accomplished and allows assignment of the stereochemistry not previously established. A convergent strategy is employed wherein the target is dissected into three units-the core macrolactone, the sugar callipeltose, and a cyclopropyl bearing chain. The strategy for the synthesis of the macrolactone derives from employment of diastereoselective aldol reactions that emanate from an 11 carbon piece… 
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Stereocontrolled total synthesis of (-)-callipeltoside A.
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Towards the Synthesis of (–)-Callipeltoside A: Stereoselective Synthesis of the C1–C14 Macrolactone Core
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