Call me Caitlyn: making and making over the ‘authentic’ transgender body in Anglo-American popular culture

  title={Call me Caitlyn: making and making over the ‘authentic’ transgender body in Anglo-American popular culture},
  author={Michael Lovelock},
  journal={Journal of Gender Studies},
  pages={675 - 687}
  • M. Lovelock
  • Published 2 November 2017
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Gender Studies
Abstract A conception of transgender identity as an ‘authentic’ gendered core ‘trapped’ within a mismatched corporeality, and made tangible through corporeal transformations, has attained unprecedented legibility in contemporary Anglo-American media. Whilst pop-cultural articulations of this discourse have received some scholarly attention, the question of why this ‘wrong body’ paradigm has solidified as the normative explanation for gender transition within the popular media remains… 

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  • Sociology
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