Calixarenes in analytical and separation chemistry.

  title={Calixarenes in analytical and separation chemistry.},
  author={Rainer Ludwig},
  journal={Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry},
  volume={367 2},
  • Rainer Ludwig
  • Published 2000 in Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry
Discovered in the 1940's, [1n]metacyclophanes with the common name calix[n]arenes which is derived from for the molecule's shape enjoyed a remarkable interest in almost all fields of chemistry since the 1980's, which is highlighted by several books [1-8]. Over 50 reviews concerning their synthesis, properties and applicabilities were published, many of those with emphasis on organic synthesis and structural properties are cited in [P. 5-6 in 2]. Of interest for analytical chemists are reviews… CONTINUE READING