Calix[4]arene-supported Fe(III)2Ln(III)2 clusters.


A series of Fe(III)(2)Ln(III)(2) clusters have been synthesised under facile bench top conditions. The resulting clusters pack in a manner akin to the calixarene solvate, and represent an important entry point to this new type of 3d-4f system.

DOI: 10.1039/c1cc13055b

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@article{Sanz2011Calix4arenesupportedFC, title={Calix[4]arene-supported Fe(III)2Ln(III)2 clusters.}, author={Sergio Patricio Figueroa Sanz and Kerry Ferreira and Ruaraidh D McIntosh and Scott J Dalgarno and Euan K Brechin}, journal={Chemical communications}, year={2011}, volume={47 32}, pages={9042-4} }