Calicivirus-induced vesicular disease in cetaceans and probable interspecies transmission.

  title={Calicivirus-induced vesicular disease in cetaceans and probable interspecies transmission.},
  author={A. W. Sam Smith and Douglas E Skilling and Sam H Ridgway},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={183 11},
A calicivirus isolated from cetaceans is a new serotype designated cetacean calicivirus Tursiops-1 (CCV-Tur-1). It appears to have spread from an initially infected Atlantic bottlenose dolphin to a California sea lion, and was then carried by the sea lion to a second facility several miles away, where a second dolphin became infected and developed vesicular skin lesions that eroded, leaving shallow ulcers. Cetaceans and pinnipeds belong to separate orders, so this finding of interspecies… CONTINUE READING

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