Calibration procedure for Slocum glider deployed optical instruments.

  title={Calibration procedure for Slocum glider deployed optical instruments.},
  author={Ivona Cetini{\'c} and Gerardo Toro-Farmer and Matthew Ragan and Carl Oberg and Burton H. Jones},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={17 18},
Recent developments in the field of the autonomous underwater vehicles allow the wide usage of these platforms as part of scientific experiments, monitoring campaigns and more. The vehicles are often equipped with sensors measuring temperature, conductivity, chlorophyll a fluorescence (Chl a), colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) fluorescence, phycoerithrin (PE) fluorescence and spectral volume scattering function at 117 degrees, providing users with high resolution, real time data. However… CONTINUE READING
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