Calibration of a Parallel Robot Using Multiple Kinematic Closed Loops


A method as presented for autonomous kanematzc calzbratzon of a 3-DOF redundant parallel robot. Multaple closed loops are used an a least squares optamzzaiaon method. Ill-condataonang, column scalang of the gradzeni matrax, and obseraabalaty andaces for the best pose set of robot calzbratzon configurataons are dascussed. Ezperamental results are presented and compared wath the results iiszng an external calzbratzon d e -

DOI: 10.1109/ROBOT.1994.351262

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@inproceedings{Nahvi1994CalibrationOA, title={Calibration of a Parallel Robot Using Multiple Kinematic Closed Loops}, author={Ali Nahvi and John M. Hollerbach and Vincent Hayward}, booktitle={ICRA}, year={1994} }