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Calibration of ZMPT101B voltage sensor module using polynomial regression for accurate load monitoring

  title={Calibration of ZMPT101B voltage sensor module using polynomial regression for accurate load monitoring},
  author={Isiyaku Abubakar and Saifullah Khalid and Mohd. Wazir Mustafa and Hussain Shareef and Mamunu Mustapha},
  journal={ARPN journal of engineering and applied sciences},
Smart Electricity is quickly developing as the results of advancements in sensor technology. [] Key Method The arduino microcontroller is used to receive the ADC conversion and is also programmed to calculate the root mean square value of the supply voltage. The analysis of the polynomials shows that the third order polynomial gives the best relationship between the analog input and ADC output. The accuracy of the algorithm is tested in measuring the root mean square values of the supply voltage using…
A prototype Design for Three Phase Smart Energy Meter
  • Fadhela K. HandhalA. Rashid
  • Engineering
    2017 Second Al-Sadiq International Conference on Multidisciplinary in IT and Communication Science and Applications (AIC-MITCSA)
  • 2017
The smart energy meter has several advantages over the mechanical meter including the automatic data collection, avoiding the errors occur due to manual readings, real-time pricing and provides a more reliable system due to the ability of an immediate fault detection.
Design of a smart control and protection system for three-phase generator using Arduino
This paper presents design and implementation of AC multi-meter based on Arduino for three-phase synchronous generator, which measures the values of load current, terminal voltage and the frequency, and used to detect the abnormal operation of three- phase synchronous generators.
Monitoring of Step-Down Power Transformer in 33 / 11 kv Distribution Substation Using XBEE with API Mode
This paper deals with the design and construction of automatic monitoring system Free Running Sensor Node System (FRSNS) for two step-down power transformers parameters, which depends on XBEE capability to read sensors values and transmit them periodically.
Smart Energy Meter based on Arduino and Internet of Things
Energy meter is a measuring instrument to calculate the amound of electric energy consumed by an electrically powered device. The energy metering which measure line voltage, current, and calculating
IoT Based Power Monitoring System for Diesel Generator
A power monitoring system using IoT is an affordable solution to monitor power parameters of diesel generator such as voltage, current, running hours, and fuel status from external fuel tank and showed that the system could display those parameters real-time on the website application.
Diseño de interfaz de control y adquisición de datos para un prototipo didáctico de refrigeración
The main objective of this work is to present the design and construction of a control system and data acquisition for a didactic refrigeration prototype, the didactic prototype consists of an
Kendali Kecepatan Motor DC Penguat Terpisah Berbeban Berbasis Arduino
DC motor is one type of motor that is still widely used today. DC motors are very helpful in the industrial world. In a DC motor, a system is needed to operate it, the goal is to regulate the speed
Optimally Automated Home Management for Smart Grid System Using Sensor Networks: Gaza Strip as a Case Study
The Automated Home Management (AHM) system is introduced to intelligently control and schedule the electric loads, and the introduced SETS and PLM algorithms save energy consumption, and daily electrical cost with reasonable user comfort.
Design of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Panel Supply Monitoring Based on IOT Case Study at PLN
A prototype monitor RTU panel supply in mobile and real-time based on internet of thing (IoT) and it is expected to increase efficiency, productivity and shorter maintenance time onRTU panel maintenance so that SCADA is always ready to be used in the distribution network at all times.
  • Computer Science
  • 2021
This study aims to design a monitoring system using temperature, humidity, and voltage sensors on DC-based Internet of Things (IoT) to identify the air condition and energy consumption used for maximum server performance.


Arduino Based Power Meter Using Instantaneous Power Calculation Method
This paper describes the design and development of a single phase power meter using instantaneous power calculation method. It is an electrical device that is used in power system to measure the
Electrical power measurement using Arduino Uno microcontroller and LabVIEW
This study consists of conditioning analog signals, converting the analog signal into a digital signal (ADC), and digital data processing in making wattmeter which is interfaced with a personal computer utilizing Arduino microprocessor and LabVIEW program.
Non-intrusive electric power sensors for smart grid
An electric power sensor that measures near-field voltage and current waveforms through the insulation layer on a power cord is presented. To measure the line current, we examined Hall, giant
Smart energy monitoring system with ADE7758 IC
Brazil is experiencing its greatest power supply crisis since the 2001 rationing. With the growing risks of blackouts, the largest country in Latin America must face the challenges arising from the
AC power meter design based on Arduino: Multichannel single-phase approach
An Arduino multichannel power meter design is proposed with the aim at improving real power accuracy by sampling voltage and current simultaneously and the ability for users to choose current sensors for suitable use regarding to appliances is added.
Arduino Based Wireless Power Meter
The project aims to provide a clear picture of a home’s current usage, and through this data provide an estimate to power consumption, and to identify which devices turn on and off by analysis of this current data.
Efficient power distribution management is very crucial for satellites to navigate their orbits and achieve their mission objectives. The Satellite Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS) is responsible for
B-Dot and D-Dot Sensors for (Sub)Nanosecond High-Voltage and High-Current Pulse Measurements
In this paper, we present a large-bandwidth, high-current, and high-voltage measuring system for pulse measurements in pulsed power systems. The developed sensors can be easily calibrated, require no
Hybrid Neural Network Models of Six-Axis Force Sensor
A method of analyzing the Six-axis force measuring system by hybrid modeling is introduced, where the mapping function of signal voltage output and measuring force signal is represented as two parts.