Calibration of NIR 2 of Spectral Profiler Onboard Kaguya/SELENE

  title={Calibration of NIR 2 of Spectral Profiler Onboard Kaguya/SELENE},
  author={Satoru Yamamoto and Tsuneo Matsunaga and Yoshiko Ogawa and Ryosuke Nakamura and Yasuhiro Yokota and Makiko Ohtake and Jun'ichi Haruyama and Tomokatsu Morota and Chikatoshi Honda and Takahiro Hiroi and Shinsuke Kodama},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing},
The Spectral Profiler (SP) is a visible-near infrared spectrometer onboard the Japanese Selenological and Engineering Explorer (SELENE), which was launched in 2007 and observed the Moon until June 2009. The SP consists of two gratings and three linear-array detectors: VIS (0.5-1.0 μm), NIR 1 (0.9- 1.7 μm), and NIR 2 (1.7-2.6 μm). In this paper, we propose a new method for radiometric calibration of NIR 2, specifically for the dark output (background) estimate, which is different from the… CONTINUE READING