Calibration and quality assurance for rounded leaf-end MLC systems.

  title={Calibration and quality assurance for rounded leaf-end MLC systems.},
  author={Michael Graves and Amy V. Thompson and Mary K. Martel and Daniel L. McShan and Benedick A. Fraass},
  journal={Medical physics},
  volume={28 11},
Multileaf collimator (MLC) systems are available on most commercial linear accelerators, and many of these MLC systems utilize a design with rounded leaf ends and linear motion of the leaves. In this kind of system, the agreement between the digital MLC position readouts and the light field or radiation field edges must be achieved with software, since the leaves do not move in a focused motion like that used for most collimator jaw systems. In this work we address a number of the calibration… CONTINUE READING

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