Calf mortality as a welfare indicator on British cattle farms.

  title={Calf mortality as a welfare indicator on British cattle farms.},
  author={{\'A}ngel Ortiz-Pelaez and David Alexander Griffith Pritchard and Dirk U. Pfeiffer and Elvin Jones and Peter Honeyman and Joel Mawdsley},
  journal={Veterinary journal},
  volume={176 2},
The objective of this study was to test calf mortality as an indicator of on-farm welfare and its use for welfare targeted surveillance. Calf mortality data were retrieved for three UK counties to estimate calf mortality rates at holding and county level. A selection criterion based on upper quartiles of calf mortality for the county of concern was defined. Its predictive ability was tested in a field study. The death risk of calves less than 6 months of age in 2002 was 1.76% in Inverness, 5.83… CONTINUE READING

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