Calculation of the quark and gluon form factors to three loops in QCD

  title={Calculation of the quark and gluon form factors to three loops in QCD},
  author={Thomas Gehrmann and E. W. N. Glover and Tobias Huber and N. Ikizlerli and C. Studerus},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We describe the calculation of the three-loop QCD corrections to quark and gluon form factors. The relevant three-loop Feynman diagrams are evaluated and the resulting three-loop Feynman integrals are reduced to a small set of known master integrals by using integration-by-parts relations. Our calculation confirms the recent results by Baikov et al. for the three-loop form factors. In addition, we derive the subleading $$ \mathcal{O}\left( \varepsilon \right) $$ terms for the fermion-loop type… Expand

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